About the Book

Ballerinas Abroad! takes you on an adventure around the world with Miss Sara and her students to discover the history of ballet! The dressing nook in Miss Sara’s dance studio magically transforms into the Ballet Transporter. Join her students on a journey to places that played an important role in ballet’s rich history.

Ballet truly is an international art form that has developed and evolved all over the world. With such a rich history, ballet offers children so much more than just an hour of dance lessons each week. It has the power to boost a child’s confidence, as well as instill manners, poise, and grace. And with such a rich history, children can also learn about other cultures and languages through ballet. The benefits are endless! So let your budding ballerina’s imagination leap wild with the Ballerinas Abroad! series as the history of ballet comes to life with Miss Sara and her students!

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