Winter Olympics Musings

So the Winter Olympics wrapped up not too long ago. I must admit, I am not the biggest fan of the Olympics. People always ask what my favorite Olympic sport is. I begrudgingly say gymnastics or ice skating, and am always quick to add “because ballet isn’t in the Olympics.” Sure, I enjoy watching gymnastics and ice skating. They are both amazing and beautiful. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it. Dance, yes. Yes I would go out of my way! But the Olympics aren’t really my cup of tea.

Well, much to my surprise, dance used to be a part of the Winter Games! I came across this post from and it was as if the author read my mind about the Olympics. Although, I’m not quite sure I would go so far to say we need to bring this “artform” back…it’s a bit of a stretch for me! Please watch the clip in this article as well…


Scratch that. Upon further viewing, this is just ridiculous! I can’t believe this was ever a thing. On top of it all, the bad late 70’s/early 80’s fashion…it’s just too much! And yet, fascinating… A little Googling reveals little information on the sport. Apparently it began in the 60’s and was a freestyle “discipline” (PLEASE watch the video!!!). It was a demonstration sport for the Olympics in ’88 and ’92, but never became an official sport. In 2000, the International Ski Foundation stopped all formal competitions in ski ballet and thus the decline of this…special…artform.

I don’t think I’d be quite as opposed to it if it were called ski dancing. But ski ballet…no. You don’t throw in a port de bras and call it ballet! And you CERTAINLY never see a pop of the head a la Cassie in A Chorus Line. Sure, there’s some interesting aspects to it and yes, it must take incredible strength. But please. Ballet it is not!

What do you think? Should ski ballet be resurrected??